Nginx Overtakes IIS on Netcraft’s “Active Sites” List

“Studying only active sites, the changes in market share are reversed: Apache grew by 0.23 to 55.66%, while Microsoft fell by 0.83 to 11.53%. Within the million busiest sites, nginx was the only major developer to increase its market share, which now stands at 12.22%.”

see November 2012 Web Server Survey | Netcraft.

This is another reminder that where price/performance matters, FLOSS wins. That other OS and its “partners” just are not competitive. There are now two FLOSS web servers ahead of IIS, Apache and Nginx. IIS is sinking into the weeds where it belongs. I expect that 2012 was the year when that began to happen for their desktop OS as well. 2013 will tell the tale.

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5 Responses to Nginx Overtakes IIS on Netcraft’s “Active Sites” List

  1. Mongrol says:

    “and tries to belittle a poster”

    And I do a much better job of it than your feeble attempt at belittling me.

    I could have just flat-out called him a liar or an incompetent, and either would have been correct.

    “but the statement still stands. IIS SUCKS!”

    And you’d know this how, apart from the FOSS zealot group-think? Your own website says you’re a glorified 1st line tech whose only expertise with a web-server is installing and configuring WordPress.

  2. dougman says:

    Mongrel, the troll, deflects the issue and tries to belittle a poster, but the statement still stands.


  3. Mongrol says:

    “once wasted 3 days trying to get IIS to run an intranet site with authentication and encryption”

    Three days and you couldn’t find the top results in Google?


    By encryption I assume you mean SSL;

    This is a _trivial_ task in IIS. 10 minutes tops if you already have a valid SSL certificate for the site name available.

  4. oe says:

    Can definitely agree with that, once wasted 3 days trying to get IIS to run an intranet site with authentication and encryption. After no success gave up pulled down a Redhat intro book w/ CD and had LAMP up and running doing what was needed within 1/2 a day. IIS is NOT easy to configure, it’s a schizophrenic mess.

  5. dougman says:

    IIS sucks, plan and simple.

    Apache and Nginx is easy to install, configure and costs less!

    Check out the prices for Windows Server:

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