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The Concept of FLOSS


The Concept of FLOSS

Many ordinary people have little idea how software is created let alone how FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) is created. Martin Owens has a good explanation in terms that anyone should understand, complete with pictures…

His conclusion? “Free and Open Source is good for users, programmers and business. Everyone who wants good software to be made efficiently and not at the expense of freedom or the open market.”

Good job.


  1. dougman

    Says you. M$ trolls are known to be be bribed and paid to comments negatively against Linux.

    It’s quite profitable to be a Microsoft propaganda shill. Black Duck Software reports it’s strongest quarter ever; a company founded by Microsoft marketing exec Doug Levin. What does Black Duck Software do? They publish reports we all know are anti-GPL marketing via proxy on behalf of Microsoft.

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