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  • May 08 / 2012
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Ubuntu GNU/Linux and OEMs

  • 2012-05-01 Interview with Mark Shuttleworth:“Is there any OEM interest in Ubuntu 12.04?

    12.04 will ship on PC’s / laptops from all the major brands, in different parts of the world – so yes.”

  • 2012-05-07 Chris Kenyon, Canonical’s VP Sales and Business Development according to Phoronix:
    “- Eight to ten million units shipped last year world-wide.

    - Canonical will be opening their first Beijing office this year (their Taipei office right now handles most of their Asian operations since 2008).

    - Last year Ubuntu shipped on 7.5 billion dollars (presumably USD) worth of hardware.

    - Next year they expect to more than double these numbers to 18 million units world-wide, or what Chris says would be 5% of PCs shipping world-wide would be with Ubuntu Linux. “

That’s more than a toe-hold on the OEM-mountain. The retail mountain will soon be conquered. Going to China is huge. Going to all major OEMs is huge. This is the deal with Dell in 2007 compounded with interest.

I expect the growth to continue and other major distros will get in on the action. While Canonical has actual salesmen and has opened many doors, other OEMs which account for nearly half of all PCs shipped may well choose other distros to make their own. No matter where those machines will ship, many millions of ordinary people will get to experience GNU/Linux and have choice in desktop OS. ~1% unit share is a receding illusion.