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With Friends Like M$, Who Needs Enemies?

  • Apr 12 / 2012
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With Friends Like M$, Who Needs Enemies?

M$ recently boasted how it was making the Internet safe by grabbing servers and domains connected to botnets. It turns out they were a bull in a china shop breaking all kinds of legitimate sites and blocking the work of real security businesses. They abused the trust of others working in the IT-security business who shared information with M$.

see Critical analysis of Microsoft Operation B71


  1. Michael Rudas

    What a scam! It seems that the more damage Microsoft does, the bigger the mess they leave behind, the more credit they get. It would seem that visibly stirring the pot gets them more notice than merely emptying it, side effects be damned.

  2. Robert Pogson

    Hey! That gives me an idea. The Canadian government has a Department of Public Safety. Perhaps they could ban that other OS after the Competition Bureau decided they were happy with the “final settlement” that M$ wrote… If they cannot ban it they could register each installation as a danger to the public and charge hefty licensing fees for the privilege of endangering the public.

  3. kozmcrae

    If there was such a thing, Microsoft’s OS would not be Internet Certified.

  4. dougman

    What a bunch of idiots.

    Its ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution’, M$ allows the problem to continue by creating glitzy but crappy software, being in collusion with DHS, then going around and trashing everyone’s work, while saying they are all about security, when in fact they allowed it to perpetuate to begin with.

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