No Growth in a Growing Market

On LinuxInsider, one commentator observed that GNU/Linux share according to Wikimedia was flat. It’s true, but one has to understand that the traffic on Wikipedia has grown a lot. At the same time that GNU/Linux was holding share of Wikipedia, traffic was increasing and the mobile share of traffic was increasing. Despite all that, GNU/Linux held share. Examining only non-mobile traffic, GNU/Linux share rose 18% while that other OS declined several percent.

From my comment on LinuxInsider:
“that other OS has declined from 89.5% in 2009-04 to 73.8% in 2012-2. Those changes/non-changes are in installed base, not shipments. That means GNU/Linux has increased shipments/installations in a period when that other OS has been flat in shipments or decreasing. M$ has been touting numbers of about 50 million sales per quarter ever since “7” came out. Meanwhile the Earth is shipping 90 million x86 PCs and tens of millions of ARMed devices. Wikipedia’s mobile share is about 18%. On the non-mobile part, GNU/Linux has increased 18% in 3 years to 1.8%. Not too shabby. That other OS has decreased to 85% of the non-mobile traffic from from 91% of the non-mobile traffic, a decline of 7%. Part of the “noise” is mobile traffic. Don’t let it fool you into thinking GNU/Linux is not doing well. “

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  1. Ray says:

    Out of curiosity, is the Linux graph stacked on top of the Android graph, or is it a separate line?

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