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Dell Surveys Customers on GNU/Linux

  • Mar 20 / 2012
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Dell Surveys Customers on GNU/Linux

“Linux Learnings: We’re listening

Thanks for visiting the Dell Linux Survey webpage. Please answer the following questions to help us determine how to best prioritize our resources for this effort.
(Survey will be open March 13-March 23)

1) Would your Dell system with Linux factory installed be for home or office use?

6) Which Linux distribution should Dell prioritize on?

  • Commercial: Novell/SuSE Linux Desktop
  • Commercial: Red Hat Enterprise Desktop
  • Community Supported: Fedora
  • Community Supported: OpenSUSE
  • Community Supported: Ubuntu
  • Other

    If ‘Other’, please specify

see The Survey

I am not sure what this means but perhaps Dell has seen the light and realizes there is a market for GNU/Linux. There’s nothing like asking the customers what they want.

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