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Daily Archives / Friday, February 10, 2012

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Thank You, M$, for Comic Relief

Certainly IT people take IT very seriously but every now and then someone comes along to lighten things up. Someone like Steven Sinofsky of M$ who stated unambiguously that, No third-party code on the Windows on ARM desktop means no plugins for Internet Explorer

Silent pause

But, but, it’s all about the applications. We all know that. The trolls convinced us. Users use applications, not the OS. We must have applications and M$ makes few of them…


The great “8″ is going to be another locked-down “phoney 7″/Vista-like flop. Who, in their right mind, in this day and age of 100K apps for smart thingies, will buy a gadget that cannot compute in any way shape or form? This thing will fly like a Chromebook with an office suite…

Gasp. I need to breathe. Laughing is so hard at my age.

It turns out they will have “Metro”-style apps but not using the desktop. Still, it was a good laugh. Thanks, M$. All the developers who have put so much effort into making applications for the desktop of that other OS thank you too for excluding them from ARM. I am sure Google and Apple also had a great bit of relief that they don’t have to compete with 199K desktop apps that have run on that other OS for a decade. Meanwhile, GNU/Linux will run apps just fine one way or another on ARM. HAHAHA!

M$, you have locked yourself into your strange way of doing things and in the process you have locked the world out of continuing another step on the Wintel WOA! treadmill. 2012 will live in the annals of IT as the year M$ exploded a mine under its own OS. Why risk success when you can guarantee failure?

see also Ars – Windows 8 on ARM: the desktop is there, so’s Office, but not much more

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With Love From M$

M$ expresses its love for users by announcing critical (remote code execution…) vulnerabilities in every version of their OS from XP to “7″ and versions for servers. Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you don’t get hacked before you manage to update…

That’s a bit like a boyfriend telling a lady she should get checked for STDs because he’s been spreading them. I recommend using Debian GNU/Linux to avoid such complexity in your life. If that other OS still runs for you, go to and obtain Free Software.

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Liam Maxwell: “Opensource software is not three guys in a shed anymore”

Amen! Who is Liam Maxwell? He’s the IT guy who’s redoing IT for the government of the UK.

The complete quote: “Opensource software is not three guys in a shed anymore. There are a lot of misconceptions about open source but open source is the future model for delivering IT.”

He’s got that right. Millions of developers say so. Thousands of FLOSS projects say so. Hundreds of millions of user say so.

see The Register – We really are going to start buying open-source from SMEs

The UK government is starting a consultation period to establish a list of SMBs who will supply FLOSS. The idea is to support local industry while providing better IT for government and better government. How long do you think it will take consumers, retailers and distributors to catch on that there’s money to be made buying and selling FLOSS? Not long, considering the publicity this thing is getting.

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Oracle’s Future as Foretold in Oracle v Google

Judge Alsup has required Oracle to allow Google to depose five or Oracle’s engineers, one of whom is Hinkmond Wong who wrote in a blog,
“”For the other commenter who thinks Android is “based on Java”, you are incorrect. While it is true that the programming language for Android is the Java programming language, the Android platform itself uses the Dalvik virtual machine and processes Dalvik bytecode, not Java bytecode, so the Android platform is NOT based specifically on Java ME technology.

That is why the chart (above) from the Net Applications mobile analytics company, specifically calls out and differentiates “Java ME” from “Android” as two distinct Mobile/Tablet OSes, see the chart. Otherwise, if you think about it, why would they list the two different OSes in their Mobile/Tablet OS Share chart?””

The judge has heard similar things from Google’s lawyer but hearing it from an employee of Oracle cited in Oracle’s research paper on damages done to Oracle by Android/Linux is going to hurt. I like it. Oracle will have to impeach one of their own authorities or admit the lawsuit was a hollow sham. Cute.

see GROKLAW – Oracle v. Google – Oracle Engineer: Android Is Not Java ME!

Groklaw again lives up to its motto, When you want to know more but don’t know where to look.

If I were judge Alsup, I would entertain a motion for summary judgment in Google’s favour but the judge likely has to allow the jury to decide using this fact. He could open a door inviting Oracle to drop the case to save inevitable defeat… Even if the jury find for Oracle this fact has to gut the value due Oracle for any compensation. The issues of patent now come down to whether or not Dalvik violates the patents and this fact clearly shows it does not. A patent cannot prevent translation by an organiztion of an organization’s code to another language. Google did not write most of the code that runs on Android/Linux. Third parties did. Google only supplied the translating software.

Issues of copyright now come to the API, an abstraction which should not by copyright protectable or all Java applications would be in violation, a silly idea. Oracle’s whole lawsuit is silly. This proves it.

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Bruce Byfield’s Valentine’s Gift

Bruce Byfield at times provokes me with harsh criticism of FLOSS but today he has done a good job of describing the chaos of the GNU/Linux desktop and giving a recipe to produce harmony and love:

  1. Don’t Invent Problems to Solve
  2. Make All Functionality As Accessible As Possible
  3. Extend Features, Don’t Remove Them
  4. Give Users the Power to Choose Innovations
  5. Be Aware of the Limits of Usability Principles
  6. Allow Multiple Work Flows
  7. Accommodate All Levels of Users
  8. Design for the Medium
  9. Allow for a High Degree of Configuration

I think those principles eliminate most of the friction threats to the x windows system and the long-standing desktop paradigm have caused recently. The diversity I find in the Debian GNU/Linux distro accommodates most of them and Debian has people working on quality control. Debian used to have a usability group but now most usability issues are in the domain of external groups like KDE and GNOME. As a user of Debian GNU/Linux I would welcome those groups to adopt Bruce Byfield’s principles of desktop usability. is a place where such principles can be discussed and shared.

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I Love Free Software

I love Free Software!

The world needs software. Everyone seems to use computers one way or another. FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) is the best way to supply that need. Everyone contributes what they can to FLOSS and shares with everyone else. Free Software is software that includes permission for the user to

  1. Run the software
  2. Examine the software
  3. Modify the software
  4. Distribute the software under the same terms

I recommend Debian GNU/Linux because it supplies great Free Software and great tools to manage the software.