More Confirmation That The World Wants Small Cheap Computers, If You Need It

When I shop for anything I look for price/performance. That’s why I waited weeks to receive a “four-way” switch at a reasonable price. That’s why I buy vegetables at harvest time when price is lowest. My freezer is full of them. Scarcely room for a deer…

Wintel is anxious that the price of computers stay high in spite of Moore’s Law and corollaries. They want the monopoly to live on. One potential solution to their problem is to “upsell” by adding features that seem desirable to some. An upselling campaign that started a few years ago was the idea of the ultrabook, you know, the netbook perfected… At the time Wintel was worried about GNU/Linux on small cheap notebooks so M$ forbade OEMs to install that other OS on large cheap notebooks and promoted the “ultrabook” which would seem to perform better and might sell at a higher price. Well, the ultrabooks are here and they’re not selling.

According to Digitimes, suppliers of ultrabooks have cut back orders 40%. What a disappointment for those who assume buyers are stupid and easily manipulated.

  • If your CPU is idling do you need a more powerful CPU? Draining your battery faster? If you’re digging a hole should you dig faster, trying to get out?
  • Is thinner and lighter any advantage over a netbook?
  • Are you willing to pay $1000+ for less
  • Do you look for the most expensive item when shopping?

I didn’t think so. Most people are somewhat like me. They worked hard for their money and want suppliers to work hard for theirs. The world does not owe M$ a living and should not buy over-priced systems. Look at price/performance and don’t count feature-bloat as a feature unless it’s something you really need.

Come to think of it, consider the OS when you shop. Should you pay $hundreds or so for something you can get for $0? I don’t think so. I suggest Debian GNU/Linux. It’s Free Software and it’s $0.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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One Response to More Confirmation That The World Wants Small Cheap Computers, If You Need It

  1. RealIT says:

    You MUST be a paid Debian $hill.

    I highly recommend Windows 7 Ultimate and Office 2010 Professional for all your needs. If you are a command line warrior, Powershell is FAR FAR superior to bash. No more will you only just have Cat, Grep, Top and LS like Linux.

    Get-Windows | ? {$_.Pogson -eq “Delusional”} | Format-Partition -overwrite Linux. See it’s that easy!

    What the Debian $hill didn’t tell you is that there is no support for Linux, no drivers, no decent applications and for $0 you get exactly nothing. Not even a pleasing looking GUI.

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