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Daily Archives / Thursday, November 3, 2011

  • Nov 03 / 2011
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M$ Contributes to Samba

In case anyone doesn’t know about Samba, it is a FLOSS project to produce code that enables GNU/Linux to work with M$’s clients and servers for file/print/authentication. GNU/Linux is now so pervasive that M$ needs Samba to work to make M$ look good. The last time I worked with Samba, XP clients were OK but “7″ was stubborn. I just could not tweak Samba to work with “7″ in a reasonable length of time.

The issue was NTLM, M$’s moving target of an authentication scheme. That’s the contribution M$ has made to make Samba work better with authenticating M$’s clients. M$ does not even recommend using it but many LANs still do.

Where I worked last year, we migrated most of the clients to Debian GNU/Linux. We did not even use SMB for the clients except for sharing report cards in the high school. One teacher insisted on keeping XP so we kept SMB. Unfortunately, we put her on “7″ so she had to go back to XP for report cards. It was a royal pain. M$ wants to reduce the pain of using their clients.

Chuckle. You know you’re winning when the enemy has to keep you alive… M$’s “partners” using FLOSS prevents M$ from using all its anti-competitive tactics.