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Daily Archives / Friday, October 14, 2011

  • Oct 14 / 2011
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Government of Paraguay Going to FLOSS in 2012

There are plenty of examples of FLOSS working for government. Paraguay has decided convert its whole IT system to FLOSS in 2012. There are plenty of reasons but lowered costs and independence from M$ are two top ones. The world can make its own IT and does not need the baggage.

Dell Paraguay, in its style, advertises Ubuntu systems but makes them difficult to checkout… Perhaps this move will smarten them up if it means being cut out of government supply.

Perhaps Lenovo will see the light, too.

More governments should set FLOSS as their default OS. I recommend the Debian GNU/Linux distro because it works for people, not against them.


  • Oct 14 / 2011
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Changing of the Guard

Display Search has published its predictions for tablets and notebooks. Key points:

  • In 2011 emerging markets will consume more notebooks than mature markets.
  • Within a few years the same will happen with tablets.
  • “8″ will only be a temporary blip compared to other OS.

Since emerging markets are less locked-in to M$’s way, this signals that M$ will lose dominance globally within five years. Emerging markets love Android/Linux and they love GNU/Linux. When the emerging markets accept more GNU/Linux machines than mature markets and margins are higher for those machines, it will be in OEMs’ best interest to supply them. M$ could be in the range of 50% attach rate in five years. It will be past the time when that was desirable but it works. The world needs IT that works for the world and not for M$.

I recommend Debian GNU/Linux on all personal computers and servers.

see DisplaySearch Forecast Highlights Fundamental Shifts in Regional Notebook and Tablet PC Dynamics

  • Oct 14 / 2011
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France: LibreOffice Thrives

  • 500K Government PCs are switching to LibreOffice from
  • near Paris, 800K students were given USB keys with LibreOffice on board
  • Ile-de-France region joins the Document Foundation board

On top of this activity in France, LibreOffice now has a web application demo and LibreOffice will soon be ported to Android/Linux and iOS.

see TDF Blog

  • Oct 14 / 2011
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Syria: The Gloves are Off

Defecting soldiers are joining the protests and fighting back against the Syrian regime. The regime has deployed all kinds of force against various towns and cities where protests occur. Thus it seems there is no alternative except violence to overthrow tyranny there. Why is the UN ignoring the situation? China’s veto… Maybe it’s time the UN General Assembly kicked out the “Security Council” whose only role seems to be to protect the “in crowd”.

see BBC

  • Oct 14 / 2011
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Apple v Samsung in Australia

“As set out by the High Court in Australian Broadcasting Corporation v O’Neill [2006] HCA 46; (2006) 227 CLR 57, there are two main inquiries to undertake in determining whether to grant an interim injunction.

The first inquiry is whether Apple has made out a “prima facie case” in the sense that there is a probability that at a final hearing it will be entitled to relief. The requirement of a “prima facie case” does not require Apple to show that it is more probable than not that it will succeed at trial. Apple needs to show that it has a sufficient likelihood of success.

The second inquiry, often referred to as the “balance of convenience”, involves a consideration of whether the inconvenience or injury that Apple would be likely to suffer if an injunction were refused outweighs or is outweighed by the inconvenience or injury which Samsung will suffer if the injunction were granted.

The Court is required to determine whether to grant the interim injunction within this legal framework.”

Thus, the court ruled that Apple should be granted its injunction on the narrow balance of convenience in favour of Apple, not on the merits of Apple’s case.

” Apple has established a prima facie case for an entitlement to relief on the Heuristics Patent. Even though Samsung has established a prima facie case for the invalidity of the Touch Screen Patent, Apple has also established a prima facie case for an entitlement to relief on the Touch Screen Patent. The balance of convenience tilts in Apple’s favour. I am satisfied, within the test in O’Neill, that it is appropriate to restrain the launch of the Australian Galaxy Tab 10.1.”

Samsung stated in court that by the time of trial, the Galaxy 10.1 will likely be obsolete. This is a case of mutually assured destruction as Samsung will likely be able to thwart distribution of Apple’s iThingies in a similar manner. Is the world a better place if neither company can sell products globally? This is another demonstration on the invalidity of software patents which are supposedly to promote innovation.

see The Ruling

In the US, a judge has declined to issue one of Apple’s injunctions. The judge stated that while Samsung violates the patents, Apple has to prove those patents are valid.