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Daily Archives / Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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Munich Migration From The User’s Viewpoint

Spiegel has a piece about a department manager’s view of the migration. The guy is 60+ and worked 20 years with computers before migrating to GNU/Linux. Some details:

  • The major problem he encountered were some duplicated records in a database. These were eventually fixed.
  • 22 CMS (Content Management Systems) were rolled into one.
  • Cost was not so much a priority as efficiency.
  • 300 applications had to be replaced.
  • 50 people did the migrating work.
  • Only 10% of machines needed to keep that other OS as no simple replacement could be found for some applications on GNU/Linux.
  • To date 6900 PCs have been migrated.
  • By 2013 it is expected that 12000 of 15000 PCs will be GNU/Linux-only.
  • Heavy use will be made of web-applications to facilitate future changes to the system.

See 20 years Linux
How the Penguin came to Munich

On a lighter note, a councillor asked hard questions about going back to that other OS but the mayor promised to stay the course.

So the FUD about the Munich Migration being a disaster of some kind is not real. They are doing much more than migrating to another OS at the same time by rationalizing IT in other ways (CMS and web-applications) and they are not in any hurry crunching 50-100 per week and likely doing some hand-holding at the same time. It works for them.

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Apple, the Second Pariah of IT

No one likes a bully. I think that applies to monopolists and would-be monopolists in IT who do other than compete on price and performance to interfere with markets. Apple has been on my radar as a bully for a while”

  • Last year and this year Apple has demonstrated no respect for the law in responding to disappearances of prototypes caused by their own laxity.
  • Apple has taken to suing the world to prevent ordinary businesses from competing in the market. This is critical in IT as products come and go in a few months or a few years so a few months of delay may be insurmountable.
  • Apple sued Samsung in Europe over the design of the iPad v Samsung’s Galaxy tablet. This is preposterous as tablets have been around for millenia and there is nothing particular similar between the two. The injunction obtained interfered with Samsung at a recent trade show in Germany. Apple even doctored the photos of the product in evidence submitted to courts. Have they no shame? Have they no common sense to think they would get away with that nonsense?
  • Knowing they are not likely to win in court, Apple is trying to use the ITC to ban importation of Samsung’s products in the USA. Verizon asked President Obama to step in.
  • They are doing the same nonsense in Australia.

What’s wrong with this picture? A powerful business apparently doing well in the market stooping to prevent other businesses from making a living? Is Apple run by a megalomaniac? The world does not like a bully and will not continue to buy products from a bully if there is a choice and there are many choices these days. Samsung was one of Apple’s largest suppliers, too. Now they are suing Apple for infringement of patents related to cellphones which could bar the iPhone from being sold anywhere. Apple also sued HTC and Motorola. HTC is now suing Apple using patents Google acquired from Motorola. Apple is crazy enough to go out on a limb and saw it off.