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Daily Archives / Wednesday, August 31, 2011

  • Aug 31 / 2011
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Amazon Tablets to Launch Q4 2011 and Q1 2012

According to Digitimes, Amazon has orders for 7 inch tablets in Q4 2011 and 10 inch tablets for Q1 2012 to Foxconn. Amazon knows how to move product and Foxconn knows how to make things by the millions so this could be an important development in the assault on the iPad by Android/Linux tablets. Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader sells 15-18 million units per annum. If there was any doubt that the tablet PC has legs this should dispel all doubt. It probably means that iPad will drop below 50% share of tablet production in 2012.

“Kindle is our #1 best seller and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.”

see Amazon’s Kindle page

Not only is the Kindle loved by buyers, they bother to write about it with 30500 reviews and 21946 “5 star” ratings. Some of the reviews are now in their “second edition” because people come back to write more… How large an impact do you think a small cheap PC replacement from Amazon will have if an e-reader does that for Amazon? Expect Amazon, alone, may provide a product that will give iPad a run for its money in volume of sales, karma1, and any other measure of success one could apply. Expect a lawsuit from Apple, if Samsung’s success is an indicator…

see Amazon’s reviews of the Kindle

1 Karma – The doctrine of fate as the inflexible result of cause and effect, especially the principle by which a person is rewarded or punished in a subsequent incarnation for deeds in the previous incarnation; the theory of inevitable consequence. (1913 Webster)