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Daily Archives / Sunday, August 14, 2011

  • Aug 14 / 2011
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Kenya has been in the news a bit lately because of the drought in East Africa and the influx of refugees from Somalia. I came upon an article about IBMers consulting in Kenya and wondered how IT was going in Kenya. Here are some data:

  • total Internet bandwidth with the world – 20 gigabits/s.1
  • 63% of the population have mobile access and that figure is rising rapidly
  • 4.7million Internet subscriptions rising rapidly
  • estimated 10million users of the Internet
  • 98.8% of Internet subscriptions are mobile
  • a survey is underway on use of IT
  • Joomla is used on the e-govenment portal but it is still under construction.
  • The ICT in Education paper is promising – “Providing teachers and other education professionals with access to technology is one key component to developing the necessary human capital which the education sector requires for the wide adoption of technology. Throughout the development of this options paper, it has been apparent that, while a priority for education planners, the GOK is not able to provide every teacher and education professional with a computer at this time. If the GOK would like to increase access for educators, other more economically viable models must be considered.

    Operating System – Linux-based OS and Windows OS should both be strongly considered. TCO should determine selection
    …LANs can be established using thin-client or fat-client (stand-alone) machines.13 Discuss pros and cons here. Many computer labs in Africa experience virus problems when utilising Microsoft operating systems. (See CFSK and SchoolNet Namibia have both successfully introduced thin-client computer labs in difficult environments.”

It seems Kenya is working hard to modernize to exploit IT to its maximum potential to benefit the country.