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ASUS new $199 eee PC X101 running MeeGo, Intel’s take on Linux, looks good to me:

Alibaba has produced a new OS with interesting features. Aliyun OS:

  • can run Android apps…
  • HTML 5 stuff…
  • has 20 “cloud” apps providing services from Alibabe… and
  • 100 gB of virtual storage.

See China’s Alibaba Unveils New Mobile OS

Userful will report at LinuxCon 2011 that the deployment of 500K GNU/Linux desktops in 50K schools in Brazil has been completed. That’s a multiseat X system. is at 112005 in Netcraft’s site ranking today. We were around 300000 a couple of years ago. At this rate, in ten years we will be really big…

A large French energy supplier uses a super-computer built on Debian GNU/Linux beowulf diskless nodes combined with some non-free software for networking and a file-system. This system is 43rd in the Top500 list of super-computers. With 1454 nodes, they saved a bundle on licensing and got improved performance.

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