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Daily Archives / Thursday, July 7, 2011

  • Jul 07 / 2011
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First Android/Linux Trampled the iPhone. Now It’s Overtaking the iPad

Apple did spark new markets but now Android/Linux on dozens of products is poised to overtake the iPad in units shipped.

Android/Linux shipped on 1/3 as many tablets shipped as iPads in Q2 of 2011 but it is expected that Android/Linux will ship on 1/2 as many devices as iPad in Q3. At this rate, the iPad will be overtaken in the Christmas rush or at the latest, in Q1 of 2012.

Estimated Shipments of Branded Android Tablets for Q3 and Q4 2011

This estimate does not consider non-branded or “white box” tablets of which millions will be shipped with Android/Linux.

see Digitimes – Upstream tablet PC component suppliers gearing up production

This is what has been promised since this time last year. The delays with Android releases and shortages of components are getting out of the way of the deluge. Apple will sink or swim. They will likely release iPad-next soon but the diversity of the Android ecosystem probably has that covered already.

  • Jul 07 / 2011
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Two Thirds of a Vulnerability Fixed per Day Implies Many Thousands of Vulnerabilities Waiting to be Exploited

Well, another “Patch Tuesday” approaches with 22 serious fixes since the last batch, one month ago. If they are fixing 2/3 of a bug per day, how many are the bad guys finding per day? It could be dozens. “7″ has been around for about two years, 24 months. Hundreds of serious bugs have been fixed and many of them were around on Day One just waiting to be found. We could have years more of this bug-fixing and many hundred more exploits to go before “7″ is given a decent burial.

In the last month on my Debian systems, 8 packages had “several vulnerabilities” fixed and many of them were on packages unlikely to be used on a desktop system. They are fixed in a couple of minutes by running a simple command and my whole system is tightened up, not just the OS.

Use GNU/Linux and have more peace of mind about your IT system.

  • Jul 07 / 2011
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What CIOs Think

IBM is a huge corporation. They manage their own information and help thousands of corporations manage theirs. They do periodic surveys of what CIOs of corporations are thinking about. At IBM, Jeanette A. Horan, Vice President and Chief Information Officer writes, “Another strategic goal is to radically simplify IBM. So there is a continual focus on eliminating, simplifying, standardizing and automating work that prohibits integration or adds complexity. By 2015, we plan to cut in half our number of enterprise applications. Other key objectives are to dramatically improve cycle times and reduce transaction costs across the company with leaner, more agile processes. And to manage it all, we use dashboards to manage for business outcomes by providing a real-time view of the status of the business, from finance to infrastructure”

I find it amazing that my tiny operations has the same issue with simplification. Complexity makes changing anything difficult and the whole system less reliable. Continue Reading

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Web Stats for June, 2011

W3Schools has the stats up for June. That other OS is down to 85% share. Android/Linux has had 100% growth in the last six months, 300% per annum, while iPhone has been static, iPad has had 50% growth. GNU/Linux’s share rose 8% in the last year while that other OS’s share dropped 3%.

It looks like “7″ might finally catch XP after two years of retail sales. Since the world is getting off the Wintel treadmill, this may be the last time any release of that other OS reaches 50% share. Between switching to thin clients, ARM and longer refresh cycles, the world will soon find that other OS is not “the standard” desktop.