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Daily Archives / Thursday, June 23, 2011

  • Jun 23 / 2011
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Wintel is Squeezed in Wonderful Ways

Digitimes reports that there is a looming shortage of manufacturing capacity for hard drives. It seems “the cloud” is soaking up lots of storage, making it more difficult for Wintel to find hard drives on which to place that other OS and its EULA… ;-) This will throttle the installation of “7″ on enterprise replacement units. The shortfall was 10 million units in Q2 of 2011 and is expected to rise to 15 million units in Q3. Enterprises may delay roll-outs of “7″ or they may choose thin clients or SSD devices or move to the cloud sooner. Any way, opportunities for GNU/Linux increase while Wintel withers. 25 million units comes to something like $250 million shortfall for licences for that other OS and more for M$’s office suite. That’s something like a 5% drop in revenue. It’s all good.

see Hard drive supply gap estimated to widen to 15-20 million units in 3Q11

Further, manufactures have noticed that tablets don’t use Wintel
“Wistron chairman Simon Lin, on June 22, commenting on the impact of tablet PCs, described Apple’s launch of iPad as a never-seen move, and it will take some time to figure out how to counter the move. He also believes that Apple has subverted the PC industry’s habits of depending heavily on Wintel, and 2011 is year for re-evaluation for the PC industry. “

see PC industry should be re-evaluated, says Wistron chairman

Here’s a hint, Wistron and other Wintel “partners”. Go with Free Software like Android/Linux or GNU/Linux and free yourselves and your customers from the burdens of Wintel. The world wants small cheap computers and if you don’t supply them, someone else will.

see also, Notebook industry may not see peak season effects in 2H11

  • Jun 23 / 2011
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AVM v Cybits Hearing in Germany

AVM is a company selling modems/routers. Cybits provides a modification that adds functionality. AVM is claiming that normal Linux kernel operations like rmmod are illegal without AVM’s permission. They claim AVM’s implementation of Linux is a copyrighted work and Cybits does not have the right to modify it even though the Linux kernel is provided under GPL v 2. GPL v 2: “By contrast, the GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free software–to make sure the software is free for all its users. This General Public License applies to most of the Free Software Foundation’s software and to any other program whose authors commit to using it. (Some other Free Software Foundation software is covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License instead.) You can apply it to your programs, too.”

AVM is out to lunch on these issues but their lawyers want to be paid for this useless legal effort. They no longer own the product they sold and they should not be concerned by what software users want to run on them. Cybits may be interfering in after-sale maintenance or warranty but Cybits is not violating copyright.

see Court hearing in the AVM / Cybits / GPL case