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Daily Archives / Tuesday, June 21, 2011

  • Jun 21 / 2011
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Who Needs Cyber-Vandals When The FBI is on the Job?

In these days of virtualization of servers and running perhaps dozens of virtual machines on one server, collateral damage can be high when the FBI takes out a server in their zest to fight crime… They raided a hosting outfit in the wee hours when no technical staff were on site and took racks away.

see NY Times – VERNE G. KOPYTOFF -F.B.I. Seizes Web Servers, Knocking Sites Offline

Occasionally police do go to the wrong address and bad things happen, but these days a rack could have hundreds of websites running on it and perhaps judges need some tech consultation before issuing a blanket warrant. Let’s hope this incident is an opportunity for learning and not a signal for millions of websites to move out of the jurisdiction of the FBI. Say, … my blog is in USA… ;-)

  • Jun 21 / 2011
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Are Fools in Power?

There’s news that global corporations with headquarters in USA are asking for a tax holiday on money earned outside the USA returned to the USA. They want the 35% tax rate normally applied to be reduced to 5%. The hope is that this will result in the money being reinvested to create new jobs in the USA.

I know a bit of maths and I figure that, if M$ moved 90% of its employees to Mumbai, India, brought the profits home and paid less tax, the measure would actually reduce jobs in the USA. What am I missing? M$ pays about $4 or $5billion per year income tax in USA. If they exported jobs, probably to lower wage countries like India or China, they would have lower costs and pay lower taxes under this measure… Hmmm.

see Apple, Google, Microsoft seek gargantuan tax break

Congress debates jobs and Jobs

  • Jun 21 / 2011
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Tilera Out-Competes Intel for Servers

Certainly Intel has a larger presence in servers than the upstart, Tilera, but Tilera has a better product due to sample next month

  • in performance/W, and
  • performance/$

Their new product has 36 ARM cores and two nifty DDR3 memory controllers giving a lot of throughput for very little power consumption. They can match a Sandy Bridge 8 core chip at 2.8gHz with 36 ARMed cores at 1.2gHz. Their next product up the pipe will give 2.5X as much performance for about the same power consumption. These chips will be very useful for folks who have maxed out space or power in the server room or for folks who just want the most power they can pack into a given space or budget.

see Tilera throws gauntlet at Intel’s feet

Customers are already lining up for the chips.

UPDATE There’s a more in-depth article on this subject at Thinq.

Tilera feels they have a solution that scales better than Intel or AMD’s ring-interconnection of cores. They have 100 and 200 cores on the roadmap.