GNU/Linux in Russia

My videos on having fun with Debian GNU/Linux have at least one view from every continent except Asia. I was surprised that Russia did not get any hits but then English is not their language. It is also true that GNU/Linux is doing very well in Russia and there is lots of coverage of that.

GNU/Linux took off when a school master was prosecuted for having no licence to run that other OS on his school’s PCs. Some supplier had installed the software illegally. He started a campaign to get Free Software in schools so such things would not happen again. Here is a video about the first trials in three regions of Russian schools:

Eventually, it was decided to put GNU/Linux in all public schools and M$ responded by dumping.

Finally, the government of Russia ordered a five-year plan to migrate the whole government to GNU/Linux.

If you have a bit of time on your hands and wish to review the history of the spread of Free Software as it has spread in Russia, watch “Revolution OS” on YouTube:

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