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Daily Archives / Wednesday, March 9, 2011

  • Mar 09 / 2011
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You Can Do What!? With a Smartphone!?

There are so many angles to these smartphones. We see them sell as phones, personal computes, GPS units, gaming consoles, inducements for banks, ISPs and cellphone networks, hundreds of thousands of applications, weird input devices that know which way is up and of course, they have cameras… Most are a few megapixels. Now that may change. A manufacturer of cameras has now produced a smartphone model with 14 megapixels!

The mind boggles. What use is a 14 Mpixel camera on a smartphone with a few thousand pixels? I don’t know but someone must want it. They are selling them through one of the biggest ISPs/Communication companies in China. It will sell. In quantity. Perhaps the units will phone home the pix or save them until docked…

What next???

  • Mar 09 / 2011
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The 80/20 Rule For Tablets

The 80/20 rule of thumb for any organization states that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people involved. It could be that this rule applies to tablet PCs. While tablets are obviously great for consumers of content they are quite limited for producers of content who type. Flat keyboards with no tactile feedback and controlled hysterisis are just no fun for serious typists. I am a minority when it comes to that belief however as attempts to supply keyboards for tablets have flopped. Only about 20% of tablets get the keyboard treatment

Come on folks! Buy a good keyboard and give up sliding fingertips over a greasy sheet of glass.

  • Mar 09 / 2011
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Libya: “No-fly” Limited in Effect?

With Gaddafi’s jets bombing oil refineries, storage facilities and water supplies, the Obama regime has decided a no-fly zone would have “limited effect”. They are correct. It would limit Gaddafi’s effects on Libyans. That’s the purpose of the concept.
Associated Press news agency reported that president Barack Obama’s top national security aides emerged from private talks Wednesday with a growing sense that imposing a no-fly zone over Libya would have a “limited impact” on halting the kind of violence raging in the North African nation, senior administration officials said.

If folks think no-fly is not enough perhaps they should ship a few cargo ships filled with medical facilities, trucks, ammunition, small arms, artillery and some armour.

  • Mar 09 / 2011
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WebOS on Every PC Says Apotheker of HP

I was quite impressed by HP’s announcement of WebOS and now there is an article on BusinessWeek outlining more of the strategy. Apotheker says HP is done the cost-cutting. The largest/highest-volume OEM in the world is going to put WebOS on every PC. The task remaining is to generate software for it. HP is down hundreds of thousands of applications compared to Android and iOS.

HP sells lots of PCs. If they can generate software somehow for WebOS, they will have a platform just like Wintel/Apple. Competition is good. I like it. WebOS is a non-free OS built on Linux. We shall see how that model competes with those other OS. Having an OEM pushing Linux globally instead of regionally as Dell does will be a welcome change. IMHO this will do a lot to keep Linux on the radar for many OEMs. I would bet that smaller OEMs will find it easier to push GNU/Linux directly rather than compete with HP by making their own proprietary OS.