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Daily Archives / Thursday, December 23, 2010

  • Dec 23 / 2010
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That Other OS is Broken

Recently oldman claimed that he could set up a machine running that other OS and use it without malware scanning. Here is proof that that is very high-risk behaviour. It has come to light that IE provides a work-around for malware-authours of two security measures implemented by M$ to enhance security. While the vulnerability has been demonstrated for several versions of IE it is also available to other applications because M$ was thoughtful enough to make some security measures optional for DLL files.

This is what happens when an OS is so complex that long lists of exceptions must be handled to do anything as simple as linking to a library. In this case an innocent user can browse to an innocent web-site that has been compromised by altering a CSS file and IE+that other OS allows arbitrary code to be executed. Now hundreds of millions of PCs need to implement a work-around to avoid creating yet another botnet of millions of PCs doing no good.

  • Dec 23 / 2010
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Hopewell Patents Music

This should tick off oldman… ;-)

No. Hopewell does not claim all music violates their patent, just double-clicking a mouse. The act of double-clicking is like rhythm in music, “rhythm is simply the timing of the musical sounds and silences“. That’s stretching things a bit but it gets to the essence of the patent, conveying instructions from the user to the computer software by varying the interval between clicks. How anyone can imagine that this primitive functionality is an innovation when percussion has been a part of music for millenia is beyond me. It is just another example of the silliness of software-patents. Let’s hope there are some musicians on the jury. If music is not enough of a connection with prior art, we can look at pulse-width coding etc. Time is of the essence.

  • Dec 23 / 2010
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Digitimes Sees Diversification Ahead for PCs. I see GNU/Linux on Retail Shelves.

I am not the only one to detect a crack in Wintel.

see Intel, Microsoft may face strong challenge from ARM/Android (Digitimes).

Intel hedging with GNU/Linux and M$ dabbling with ARM are indications that Wintel is weakening. Intel no longer sees its future tied to M$ and M$ no longer sees its future tied to Intel. The world of IT does not see its future tied to Wintel. It’s all good. Continue Reading