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Environmental Values

  • Nov 17 / 2010
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Environmental Values

“A shareholder proposal to set up a board committee for environmental sustainability failed. Harrington Investments, a small firm in California’s Napa Valley, supported the plan.

“It’s extremely important that the directors recognize that sustainability, environmental sustainability, is a criteria for just about any publicly traded company on the globe,” the firm’s president, John Harrington, said at the meeting. He said Intel had adopted a similar committee.

The Microsoft board recommended rejecting the proposal, saying the company already has incorporated environmental values.”

see Report on Shareholders’ Meeting with M$

Isn’t that cute? Wintel environmentally friendly? Chucking working machines after three or four years? Software bloat? Laughable. People should drop that other OS and use GNU/Linux so they can get more value from hardware expenditures and reduce the demand for natural resources and production of waste.

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