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Insult of the Day

Life does send us slings and arrows. We take a hit and move on. Sometimes we learn from the experience and avoid the next hit. Here’s an example. A fellow buys a notebook from BestBuy which fails under warranty a … Continue reading

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Deny, Deny, Deny

At Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, Fl, Steve Ballmer denied that other OS was losing market share, in business or globally. Analysts mentioned that for 16 quarters that other OS has lost share but he denied it. see the video … Continue reading

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Phoney “7”

The Register has a thorough review of Phoney “7”. It reveals the future of mobile IT as envisaged by M$. 1984 is here, apparently. The platform is very restrictive, an imitation of the iPhone that way. The phone must have … Continue reading

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Manufacturer Seeks Better Margins

While M$ is wallowing in cash from huge margins on licences, it’s partners, the OEMs and manufacturers suffer under tiny margins. Wistron has announced good results and a plan to seek better margins by concentrating on notebooks rather than desktops. … Continue reading

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Compelling Joys of GNU/Linux

ERACC has a nice post about positive features of GNU/Linux for a small business. The authour’s issues are similar to mine in a school. I need stuff to work well and reliably cheaply.

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