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Linux: 13.5 Million Lines of Code and It’s Free

Thorsten Leemhuis has written an excellent survey of the latest Linux release. Linux just keeps getting better. How Linus and company can keep up with new features, bug-fixes, and still have the sanity to envision the future is amazing. Current … Continue reading

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110 Million non-“7” PCs

M$ is boasting of selling 240 million licences for “7” in the last year. 350 million PCs have been produced in the last year. That means 110 million did not drink the Koolaid(tm). Why? Most retailers and OEMs are pushing … Continue reading

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Power Users

One of the barriers to migration to GNU/Linux has been said to be “power users”, those users who are expert with that other OS and who will demand nothing less than a powerful personal computer loaded with the latest version … Continue reading

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