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Daily Archives / Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Adoption of GNU/Linux on the Desktop

One picture is worth a thousand words:
Graph of GNU/Linux adoption from 2003 to 2010

GNU/Linux was doing well until about 2003 according to W3Schools when SCOG threatened the world with law suits if they did not pay them for use of GNU/Linux and that slow-down may have been prolonged by M$’s promise to do a complete re-write to produce a better OS. Vista flopped. SCOG bit the dust and GNU/Linux took off again. OEMs like Dell began to distribute GNU/Linux. The only thing M$ has left in its arsenal is patents on software and those should die soon as even M$ and Walmart and friends are asking the SCOTUS to fix the mess. With Oracle v Google soon to heat up, software patents are dead.

The question remains how far GNU/Linux on the desktop will go. I have no clue, but assuming reasonable parity in quality, MacOS, GNU/Linux and that other OS should get some similar share. GNU/Linux and MacOS have special advantages over that other OS in design but it has the mass at present. It will all work out. We have seen nearly 50% of the share for IE disappear. We could see the same for the desktop.

  • Oct 03 / 2010
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Cooler Places for Cooling Servers

Some have noted that hot places are not the best places for server farms and are putting them in cooler spots away from tectonic activity etc. Have I got a deal for the next server farm: The North. We have abundant cold water year-round and air temperatures down to -40C for weeks on end. Summer tops out at 30C once in a while. Mostly we get up to room temperature or a bit more. Your servers would love it. Only thing is… your data-routes would add 1000 miles round-trip. Did I mention we have cheap hydro-electric power and land is plentiful?

  • Oct 03 / 2010
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Shaggy Mane the Boreal Forest

This one’s not actually in the forest, but from the edge of the school-yard where a bull-dozer had pushed rocks and trees out of the way. The hill is now covered with grass but I found this Shaggy Mane yesterday when it was just a button. Here it is about 1.5 days old. Time for lunch…shaggy mane mushroom. This one is rather small but tasty.