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Now We Know. Oracle is a Software-Patent Troll

There are two kinds of patent trolls: those who buy a patent for a widely used technology and sue over it those who create a technology and promote it with few strings attached and then sue Oracle has turned out … Continue reading

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Oracle Attacks Android With Software Patents on Java

Oracle, apparently, does not believe patents on software is a dead issue. They are suing Google over use of Java in Android which is GNU/Linux with a Java environment. Sun did not sue Google. Why is Oracle? Is it because … Continue reading

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Digg is Changing

Digg like some other social sites has a “bury” button. Rumour has it that the “bury” button has been abused by censoring groups of users with multiple accounts, etc. astroturfing. Version 4 of Digg may have no “bury” button and … Continue reading

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