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There is a global movement to legislate and to enforce DRM and other stupidity as a part of ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). I doubt many would object to cooperation amongst nations to stop illegal copying of trademarks and such but … Continue reading

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Productivity of Office Suites

… is zero. It’s the people using them that are productive. I noticed a comment about “the ribbon” on ZDnet: “The productivity boosts my people got from moving from action menu based Office 2003 to process ribbon based Office 2007 … Continue reading

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Stretching the Truth

M$ has said a billion PCs run Office… Oops, not quite. Further, it is not such a bargain any longer: “I agree that it seems crazy counter-intuitive that Microsoft isn’t offering its existing Office user base any kind of real … Continue reading

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Government of California Gets FLOSS

“Over time, the open source community has proven to be somewhat self-policing, where the best products get adopted and widely used, while the stuff that doesn’t meet standards gets a well deserved funeral. It seems to me that thousands of … Continue reading

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Gobbledy-gook Invented to Impress Customers

I recently came across an article that made no sense to me. The thesis was that FLOSS would fail “in the cloud” because FLOSS web applications could not scale and that they were not “multi-tenant“. Wait for it… It’s an … Continue reading

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Best Case of Extreme Sarcasm I Have Seen in Ages

The authour’s thesis is: “Ubuntu is harder to use than Windows” but it is more interesting to read the whole thing… see http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.com/2010/06/why-ubuntu-is-harder-than-windows.html Enjoy. It is so truthful I hurt myself laughing.

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FFMPEG Now Includes VP8/WebM

see http://www.ffmpeg.org/releases/ffmpeg-0.6.changelog This package is a part of many distros and will give users of GNU/Linux easy access to produce, edit, and decode video better. Use of this format on Youtube should establish it solidly. It is already decoded in … Continue reading

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Why Schools Should Not Use M$ Office

The Register has a story about M$’s lack of an upgrade path to Office 2010. M$, of course, wants everyone to buy a new licence and are offering no inexpensive upgrade. Read Dave_H’s comment. He points out that schools who … Continue reading

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