ARMed Armies Attack

The onslaught of ARMed devices will continue indefinitely. Check out the smartphone/tablet Dell has announced. We still do not know the price of it but all they have to do to get some action is be in the neighborhood of the iPad which has fewer features: no Flash and no phone.

OEMs have been busy for six months or so gearing up for the battle in the market. Consumers will have lots of choice matching up price/performance/features. OEMs are jockying for position to have the right feature-set, price and performance while avoiding mistakes. No one seems to want to be first but everyone wants to join the charge. Dell is using Android on ARM/Snapdragon. It looks good to me. Success for Dell depends on price and advertising. They really need to improve their site but I expect this gizmo will be on the front page for a while.

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