It looks as if ASUStek is coming back into the fold of FLOSS with a new product this summer, a tablet-format PC. If it runs Android, is it ARM-based? Amen! That may be the best way for an OEM to escape Wintel. The boss seems to think the pad devices will take 10-20% of the market of netbooks. That is a good vision. Netbooks should also take a percentage of notebooks. I can see within a few years GNU/Linux having 20% share on the low-end devices, including thin clients. After that there is no stopping GNU/Linux on the high end. Too many people will know about it.

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  1. Chris Fitch says:

    My understanding is it will use an Nvidia Tegra (I really, really hope a multicore).

    As an IT professional if it has 3g/4g capability, a VPN client, and a citrix client I am a go on this. All I need to remote from anywhere while I am out of the office and still small enough to haul everywhere.

  2. I don’t get portable at all… I do computing at a computer and not when I am elsewhere. I guess that is a habit formed from years of use of computers weighing tons. My son and most of his associates carry smartphones that can do anything if your eyes are good enough and fingers flexible enough. Perhaps its an age thing. The PC is ideal for me. If one won’t do what I want I ssh over to another that will without leaving my chair. The network is all the portability I require.

  3. guy says:

    Im not sold on the tablets.

    That said, I think the netbook tablet is the best solution, best of both worlds.
    Its a netbook when you need a keyboard and you use the screen by itself when you want to read on the john.

  4. Yes. ASUS makes the eeethingies.

  5. jado92mx says:

    Does it come from Asus, then? I didn’t understand very well… ._.


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