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Class-action Battle in BC

  • Mar 11 / 2010
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Class-action Battle in BC

British Columbia, Canada, is the scene of a battle shaping up against M$ for anti-competitive acts causing harm to purchasers of licences. The class was just certified.

” The statement of claim alleges that Microsoft committed specific anti-competitive acts aimed at a number of competing products. These include:

(a) DRI’s DR DOS operating system;

(b) IBM’s OS/2 operating system;

(c) Go’s PenPoint, an operating system designed to accept handwriting as an input;

(d) Be’s BeOS operating system;

(e) Linux and other open source operating systems;

(f), Inc.’s LindowsOS operating system, now known as Linspire;

(g) Micrografx’s Mirrors developer tool;

(h) Borland’s C++ programming language;

(i) Netscape’s Navigator web browser;

(j) Sun’s Java programming language;

(k) RealNetwork’s audio and video streaming software;

(l) Burst’s video streaming technology;

(m) Intel’s NSP software to enhance graphics and video performance of PCs with Intel computer chips;

(n) Samba open source software that allows Linux and UNIX machines to act as files, print and authentication servers for Windows clients;

(o) Lotus’ Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet software;

(p) WordPerfect (later Corel’s) WordPerfect word processing software;

(q) Sun’s StarOffice office application;

(r) Corel’s WordPerfect Office application;

(s) Lotus’ SmartsSuite application.”

I love it. I tried to get the Competition Bureau to act years ago but they declined in deference to the US DOJ. Why surrender sovereignty? Every nation should prosecute M$ into the Stone Age.

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  1. OE

    This is great to see as a off-on GNU/Linux user from 1994 and full on fro 2004 on, I have had to suffer with bad OS and application software that cut productivity time and time again do to the outcome of some of the losses of market share mentioned in the class action suit. I hope they start making a case against Apple Computer as well with their recent aggression against HTC (and therefore Google and the Droid), I don’t want them taking away a innovative choice there either. I would be more than happy to get an Android based handset, but have no interest in the iPhone, basic reason is one is an innovative open platform and the other is a nice looking (and pricy) walled garden but really useless.

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