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One man, closing all the windows.


  • Jan 15 / 2010
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There are reports coming in that 2009 was a turn-around year for the PC with 90 million shipping in the 4th quarter. Acer surpassed Dell globally in units shipped. Netbooks are still climbing with huge share in China, particularly. “7″ did not drive sales… That means a lot of GNU/Linux system were released upon the world. It was the Year of GNU/Linux on the desktop. Despite M$ and its partners trying to “upsell”, the world clamored for low-priced PCs. That’s why Acer surpassed Dell. That’s why M$ will report another poor quarter for the client division.


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  • “Shipment growth was largely driven by low-priced consumer mobile PCs, both in regular notebooks and mini-notebooks. As economic weakness continued, buyers became extremely price sensitive. Low-priced PCs were good enough for many average consumers,” Ms. Kitagawa said. ”Windows 7 was launched during the fourth quarter of 2009. Though the new operating system launch did not create additional PC demand, the launch was a good market tool during holiday sales.”


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