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75-80% – UPDATED!!!

That is M$’s market share lately according to their recent 10-Q. “Client revenue increased reflecting growth in licensing of Windows Vista. Revenue from commercial and retail licensing of Windows operating systems increased $125 million or 22%. OEM revenue decreased $46 … Continue reading

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Breakthrough at Dell?

The VarGuy reports: “First, some details about the advertisement. Many many U.S. newspapers on Sunday, October 12, included a multi-page Dell flier. Among the many products advertised was the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, a low-cost sub-notebook designed for email and … Continue reading

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Finally, Some Competition in Price

I have been seriously annoyed at how difficult some OEMs make it to choose GNU/Linux. One prevalent characteristics of advertising is that one cannot find identical models with a choice of OS and a published price. Today, I found an … Continue reading

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ASUS Ships a lot of eee PCs

According to Digitimes, ASUS shipped 700k eee PCs in September. Good for them. They are only one of a dozen suppliers of netbooks so that could be many millions of new GNU/Linux users each month. Good for GNU/Linux. There still … Continue reading

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Interview With MSI About Their Netbook

Laptop has a good interview with MSI about their netbook the Wind. It seems as though brick-and-mortar retailers have been hesitant to stock netbooks or have even ignored them, at least until now. Why do you think that is? Retailers … Continue reading

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I Attended a Meeting the Other Day

It was about how to get the job done in education. Speaker after speaker got up and moaned about class sizes, work load, paper-work, resources, etc. I got up and spoke my mind. Witnesses told me later I did not … Continue reading

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Great Sites for GNU/Linux

If you are into GNU/Linux, you probably know these but, for the newbies… has ” Threads: 668,590, Posts: 3,291,312, Members: 371,740″ has information about packages and releases for hundreds of distros. has loads of information about the … Continue reading

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