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It’s all over, folks.

China is ramping up production of the tiny notebooks. One will soon be available for about $100 using MIPS/GNU/Linux on a public casting. There is no place for M$ to hide its price. see Indeed. It has AbiWord+FireFox. It’s … Continue reading

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Doom for That Other OS

I just noticed this tasty tidbit from China: “Windows and Unix command market shares of 41.8 percent and 53.9 percent, respectively.” So, with a billion future users of PCs in China, that other OS is starting from 42% and GNU/Linux … Continue reading

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Status of Wireless N (802.11n draft)

Some trolls claim wireless N does not work with GNU/Linux. That may seem plausible in that few drivers were available but ath9k is in Linux 2.6.27 at rc7 and working and some are using it in Ubuntu Intrepid which is … Continue reading

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Vapourware coming! Real soon, now!

There have been lots of M$’s sycophants spreading the word now. Vista II will save you… When has M$ ever been on time? Since Vista is still in beta, I think it would be better to call M$’s next release … Continue reading

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Get the Facts

A while back, M$ trumpeted the news that the London Stock Exchange was using Lose 2003. Here is the result. They crashed and were off the air for over 6 hours. Makes my little problems with a memory leak in … Continue reading

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Memoirs of a Teacher

I was a professional student for 22 years so I had some familiarity with teaching in my early years. I studied mathematics and physics at the University of Manitoba. When it came to time to earn a living and not … Continue reading

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